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Valentine's Day and a Monday. I hate Mondays for the usual reasons. Even more so for my tremendous ‘underwork’ load. I have here. I'm becoming bitter and angry and frustrated at this position I'm in. The days don't drag but I hardly feel satisfied at the end. I could go on in this limbo but it's undermining my enthusiasm. To walk away from this place each day knowing that the work done is hardly perceptible is a bit depressing on a regular basis. I will begin writing the manpower report by months end but after 2 months of preparation I hardly feel industrious. But it will provide a forecast and plan for the future. I can't help but wonder what the Lord has in store for me.

Sufriere was an awesome experience. It's really quite humbling to be at the mouth of such a vast source of energy. The cone itself is desolate and the edge drops off precipitously. 

02-83 Soufriere Climb.JPG             02-83 Soufriere climb (2).JPG