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Two weeks. OECS training consumed the last week. It was a nice break. It was very nice to be with the old ‘gang’ again. I realized how well I've gotten to know some of the folks in the PS. I really like that first group. Hope we can get together again. This week is short and free. Free in that I don't have to be in training since there is no OECS training going on. That will be in the two following weeks. But already this week, some concrete things are happening in the job arena. Early this morning I met with Mr King at UWIi. We are going to work on some private sector programs in management techniques: acctg, mktg, etc and personnel and personal development. Perhaps a training of trainers program. Mr King talks a good game, so to speak, so I am cautious about follow-through. He was also in PR and it's difficult to determine just when he is selling his program versus selling himself. But he's organized some good things at the UWI and I think he is sincere in his professed need for my services. I know the UWI is hard-pressed for cash so that fact that I am free is a pretty sure bet that I'll be used.

As for another project, Mr Blackman, CIDA rep, met with me this afternoon about this Manpower Inventory project they are doing. He is very much a facilitator rather than a leg man. He gave me a set of forms, a few general instructions, $200 (BDOS) and let me set the date of completion (end of June). I'm surprised at his laissez-faire attitude but understand his ambiguity. It was a lesson for me. Let people set their own goals then make them stick to it. Anyway, Jill and I will determine who to see and how and I will go do the interviews. The $200 B is to defray costs for transport and meals, supplies, etc. I still need to find out costs and limits on spending. I can't imagine how to spend all that. I'm feeling very uncomfortable with the money part of the deal.

The job front , in general, has shown great Improvement lately. As I said before, I have broken out of my phobia in dealing with this whole experience. In specific, dealing with this bureaucracy. I'm still reluctant but that reluctance is diminishing. at least for now. the Manpower inventory will force me out into the industrial sector. My comfort and greater rapport with staff will make getting the job descriptions done an easier task. Fortunately the phobia disappeared before the training program began. Otherwise it would have been more difficult for me to determine just what did reduce my anxiety. This way I know it was me conquering my own fears.

Talked to Mom on the phone on Sunday (also Hol and Dad). It was wonderful to hear their voices. Mom concerned me in that she said “come home” about five words into the conversation. Fortunately I had gotten my head together earlier in the week. Otherwise, with the despair I had been feeling a few weeks ago I might have booked passage home. God has protected me well from such decisions. I have been up when Deb has been down and vice versa. Even when Mom was down I happened to be up.  Things are looking better. amazingly so.

Sailing trip is firming up for June. it's still on and Dr Harvey is still committed to go. It may span 5 weekdays so that Deb and I would be away from work for 9 days. No complaint there in fact that is growing on me to where the possibility of it aborting our Oct. island-hop plans is not of great concern. I think we both need a vacation, a long one. Even if it only takes us as far as the Grenadines it will be a nice mid-year break. A breather to help us survive until we go home in December.

Mom is still planning to come visit and she has gotten as far as getting a price (~$800 US) and talking to Sharon Miller about going. Still don't know when it is, not even a tentative  date. No doubt it will be sometime in the summer. Hopefully it will begin to rain enough to keep things cool for her without ruining their stay. Well, we'll see. Went to a party yesterday at Dick and Ann's. Kind of a house warm, COS, May Day party. Most interesting were the Blakes, a Baha'i couple living here in St V. I didn't have a chance to talk to Jim but Lisa and I talked our brains out. About the states and living in St V. It's always nice to get a fresh perception of this place, even if it is a similar view. I enjoy my contacts with folks from developed countries. We also met and talked with Dennis, a French volunteer and David, from Scotland. Interesting viewpoints and opinions from them both.