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With the manpower inventory project behind me I once again face an uncertain future. I'm feeling more comfortable now. I feel I have made at least some contribution but now lacking any clear-cut assignment I again face the frustration of having nothing to do. For the next two weeks I'll be content to float. The new Deputy Financial Secretary will be busy with the budgeting process so I'll put off meeting with him until after I return from St Lucia and Dominica. Mr Gaines has also requested that I come over to MCW to help hammer out some problems, but that too can wait. Mostly I am content to rest. Then tackle whatever comes my way after August 8th. 

It turns out the rape seminar was OK. It did more to relax my fears of indifference from P.C.  Seems that in Washington DC at least, someone was concerned enough to act on our fears. The fact that the program was started at all seems to be an indication that P.C. Wash. is giving this more than just lip service. It's a step in the right direction. But my feelings of security have been shattered and I'll never be completely comfortable with Debbie being late or having a home visit to go to. Somehow though, we’ll work this out. Liz is the one with the biggest challenge. Trials, lawyers, etc. Her hassles are just beginning. 

I've been hassled lately with the resurgence of my smoking habit. I thought I had it licked and in a weak moment I relapsed. I haven't been able to kick it in the last 2 weeks, though I try. It's a wicked thing and hopefully I'll be done with it soon. 

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