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God did bless me the rest of the week (as I had prayed He would). I plunged in and contacted almost all the hotels (or at least those I could get through to). So the survey has once again gained some momentum and it looks as though it will be completed sometime soon. I'm using the phone of Richard and Paul in the CPU so most of the anxiety has been relieved. 

Talked to the helgren clan in SLC and got all the latest info on the weddings and other odds and ends. They all appear well and the excitement is growing (on both sides I might add) about our return in December. It looks as though I overestimated the hassles of our trip up to Meridian before Christmas would cause. Mom said it was okay with her if we only spent one day in Salt Lake and then departed for Meridian for a week. We will be in Salt Lake for Christmas and New Years and will be spending the bulk of time in Salt Lake so it appears that that “uncomfortable” situation will be tolerable. I checked with Eastern's requirements on the 21 day travel situation and the requirement is two for hour layovers so since we can lay over 5 hours in Miami on the way out we won't have to overnight there on the way back. We’ll only have to stay in Barbados on the 4th. Whew!

The weekend, as always, was a busy one doing wash, baking and puttering around the garden. Rodger came by late in the afternoon and stayed over for dinner so the evening went by quickly. Typical weekend. Hope the next 8 weeks fly by! 

Today has been busy too but not much accomplished. I have an infected cyst in my left ear lobe which needs to be drained. As it requires some surgery, I double checked with Dorothea Hackett in Barbados to make sure the bases will be covered. I'm not real keen on having any surgical procedure done here, including minor stuff, but Dorothea said it was okay as long as it was properly documented. I'll have to visit with the surgeon this afternoon. I hope I have an ear remaining afterwards.

Nothing heard so far on Marketing Intelligence proposal. I got my doubts about the whole thing actually working out. Lots of politics and other hogwash. Frankly, I'm tired of the whole public service and have little confidence left in those in charge. Still, it will be interesting to see what will happen.