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What this represents is the journal I wrote while we were in the Peace Corps from October 25th, 1982 until December 1984.   Originally  I was just going to scan and present the actual written pages but after checking what the scanned PDF's would look like, I decided I would transcribe them for easier reading.  HOWEVER, my plan is to retain the misspellings, the poor grammar and syntax which might drive the real authors among you to squirm a bit, but I decided to stick with the plan as is.

[DISCLAIMER]  There are biased and racist views expressed here.  It was tough to go back and reflect on the mindset of myself as a mid-twenty-something.  I was from a white, middle class background and from a state that had few, if any, black people that I was in daily contact with.  I was, in short, a racist.  I don't like that.  I hope that I have grown more wise and measured in my views but this is my journey and journal in the Peace Corps.  There was a lot of growing up going on.  I hope I don't offend you but if I do, please forgive me.  The views here have been (mostly) outgrown.

I haven't enabled comments or ratings on the pages, but I might at some point do that.  

I knew this date was coming for years and always planned to transcribe and present the journal, but as most plans go, the date approached while I was busy with life.  I'll try to keep up going forward.